Town council to look again at AAP

BRIDLINGTON Town Council have set up a sub-committee to look again at the town’s Area Action Plan (AAP).

At its monthly meeting at the Town Hall last week, Deputy Mayor Michael Charlesworth - chairing the meeting in the absence of Mayor Cyril Marsburg - called for councillors to look again at the plans.

At the meeting, Coun Charlesworth said that he believed the decision of the public enquiry inspector, Sian Worden, to call further meetings to request more information about the AAP was “unprecedented” and that he believed the Town Council should make further representations about the plans before the November 7 deadline for public submissions.

A sub-committee which was agreed on at the Town Hall meeting met yesterday afternoon to discuss the AAP document.

Sitting on the sub-committee will be the Mayor and Deputy Mayor councillors Cyril Marsburg and Michael Charlesworth, as well as councillors Terry Dixon, Jim Carder and John Copsey.

Coun Marsburg said at the meeting: “The East Riding council are obsessed with a 500 boat marina. A survey was produced to assess demand and it came up with 250 boat demand, possibly 300 - when they looked at it again it came back with around 320 which included yachts coming here from North Wales.

“I feel our submissions have been relatively mild about the planned buildings on the harbour - 200 houses and the large hotel. All of these buildings cannot be built on land that is not there.”

Last week, the Harbour Commissioners announced plans for pontoons berths for up to 66 boats, which will cost £250,000 - money that will come from the Harbour Commission’s own funds.

As far as a Bridlington Marina is concerned, the commissioners believe in the current climate it could be at least 10 years before there is any movement.

East Riding of Yorkshire council says it is still working with consultants on a business plan to show how it can be achieved and funded.

The marina scheme is heavily dependent on external private sector funding, which is currently hard to find.

Public hearings for the Area Action Plan will begin on Monday December 5, at 1pm for the entire week at Bridlington Spa. Two reserve days have been book on December 12 and 13.