TOWN CENTRE SURVEY: The worst thing about Bridlington, according to Free Press readers

As part of the Free Press Town Centre Survey, we asked you about the best and worst things about Bridlington – and predictably people found it easier to tell us about the negatives.

Wednesday, 13th February 2019, 12:29 pm
Updated Wednesday, 13th February 2019, 12:37 pm
Bridlington town centre

Regular themes among the complaints were the lack of variety in the shops and the fact that buildings are not maintained well.

Comments said the area was ‘untidy and unloved’, ‘dull and unappealing’, ‘completely run down’ and other similar phrases which can’t be repeated.

One person said there was ‘a general air of neglect’.

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These are the 25 shops you want to see opening in Bridlington.

There are, according to the 779 people who filled in the survey, too many charity shops, too many tat shops and too many empty shops.

Others referred to parking problems and there was not much love for the traffic flow system.

Finding positives was more difficult. People liked the fact the shops were near to the harbour, leisure centre and seafront, and there were comments about how the shopping area was compact and the town centre is flat.

The people of Bridlington seem to be one of its greatest assets, with mentions of warm welcomes and friendly customer service.

And it is not all doom and gloom. Someone replied: “Go spend a few days somewhere like Hull, Sheffield, Rotherham and then you’ll see how grateful you should be to live in a sleepy little seaside town.”

Here are 20 of the comments received about the worst things about Bridlington:

* It is like the forgotten seaside town - a ghost town after 6pm.

* If you need clothes, you have to go out of town. Sorry, but it is true.

* Knock the whole thing down and start again. Get rid of the awful rides on the seafront.

* Some properties are poorly maintained and there is a lack of a night-time economy.

* Going round in circles with the new traffic system - what a total waste of money.

* There aren’t any good quality clothes or shoe shops.

* Only one thing brings people to this town - sunshine. It is filthy and unkempt.

* It needs an atmosphere - and undertakers and charity shops will not bring it.

* There are too many Turkish barbers, charity shops and empty premises.

* Mobility scooters running into people and poor pavements with uneven paving.

* I prefer a 20-minute drive down the road to Driffield - they have much better shops.

* Poor selection of shops, awful bus service, general lack of inspiration.

* There’s nothing appealing at present. The town seems to be dying.

* It all needs knocking down and rebuilding. It looks aged and tatty.

* There is no focal point - we need a town square - and there are no good restaurants.

* This town is in a downward spiral which needs drastic action and investment.

* Bridlington is tired, run down and not very appealing. It looks stuck in the 70s.

* Promenade is a mess from the leisure centre to the town centre - an eyesore.

* 10 to 15 years ago Bridlington’s nightlife was thriving...there’s nowhere to go now.

* There is general air of neglect and an unwillingness to embrace change.