TOWN CENTRE SURVEY: Ideas to improve parking in Bridlington

Moorfield Road car park
Moorfield Road car park

Parking was another area which prompted some interesting ideas in our survey

There was a lot of support for a multi-storey car park in the town centre. Readers suggested it could be located on Palace Car Park, on Beck Hill, Hilderthorpe Road, or taking the place of the former Marks and Spencer or the former supermarket in York Road.

There is currently a planning application in place exploring the possibility of a multi-storey facility around the Forum complex in Promenade.

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There were also a lot of responses in favour of using the pedestrianised King Street for extra parking on days when Bridlington Market is not operating, especially for short-stay use so people could use the banks and other facilities.

As for the cost of parking, many people thought it was logical to bring the price down to get more people into the town centre.

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Comments included extending the one hour parking zone to two or even three hours, offering free parking in council car parks on Sundays and outside the peak summer season.

Other forms suggested there should be a discount for local residents, or they could be given the first hour for free, that there should be a greater effort to promote under-used car parks , or that more people could be encouraged to use the park and ride.

The cheapest and most expensive places to park in Bridlington town centre

And fewer traffic wardens and a little more leniency when it comes to tickets was also frequently mentioned.