Tourism Times with Tim Norman

Next year's Tour de Yorkshire will not start or finish in Bridlington.
Next year's Tour de Yorkshire will not start or finish in Bridlington.

The summer of 2017 has been one of the start of a change to tourism in Bridlington.

We have seen the development of the Premier Inn, the building of a new bridge over the Gypsey Race and the reversal of the flow of traffic on Manor Street towards Bridge Street.

Tim Norman, proprietor of the Royal Hotel Bridlington.

Tim Norman, proprietor of the Royal Hotel Bridlington.

All of which are promising a great new life for the people of Bridlington with new prosperity and increased tourism trade and movement throughout the town.

The sale of the Hilderthorpe car and coach park is progressing as well as some apparently fruitful discussions with a developer for the old British Legion site.

With the holiday season drawing to a close we have seen the closure of Hilderthorpe Road for major drainage works to be completed.

There will be a major change to the Bridlington calendar of events over the next couple of years.

An announcement at the Sequence Dance Festival at the Bridlington Spa in September has signalled the impending end of the festival with the final event taking place at The Bridlington Spa.

Next year 2018 will be the final ISDC Sequence Dance Festival which is disappointing but understandable.

Hopefully in 2019 there will be an even bigger and more exciting event to take its place in the middle of September.

Of course 2017 saw the tremendous start of the Tour de Yorkshire again from outside of The Bridlington Spa which gave the youngsters another great opportunity to see some world class sportsmen on their doorsteps. Although the route for the TdY is yet to be announced we now know that Bridlington will not be hosting either a start or a finish.

Of course it would be wonderful to see them come through the town although there is still likely to be plenty of construction sites in the town centre so perhaps 2018 may well be a year to miss.

As highlighted in the Bridlington Free Press last week, the Old Town Dickensian Festival is not to be staged this year. This does not mean that it has been shelved completely rather put on the back burner for 2017 with the efforts of the team at The Old Town Association being concentrated more on the Summer 1940s Festival which continues to go from strength to strength.

Of course there are still plenty of sights and sounds and events taking place in Bridlington Old Town in the run up to Christmas especially on the High Street and the Priory.

Please keep an eye out for some news of low key but very pleasant and enjoyable events taking place on High Street in the December run up to Christmas.

And of course in the next few weeks as October draws to a close, the last weekend once again brings the traditional sound of the two stroke engines and the Scooters invading Bridlington.

Let’s give them the usual Great Bridlington welcome.