Touring with pop royalty

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A BRIDLINGTON couple have had the chance to tour the Houses of Parliament alongside ‘60s pop legend Frank Allen.

Greg Knight MP gave Keith and Delphine Kaye a guided tour of the Palace of Westminster including the House of Commons, the Queen’s Robing Room and the House of Commons Chamber.

They were then shown the House of Commons Terrace and the private MPs chapel, which are two areas not normally open to the public.

Afterwards they listened to Work and Pensions questions with social security Minister Iain Duncan Smith.

Mrs Kaye, who is a member of the Bridlington Conservative Ladies Luncheon Club and the East Yorkshire Conservative association, said: “We had a lovely time. My husband and I had never been there before and it was a lovely visit. It is a building which is steeped in power and history and at the same time it is very dignified.”

They were joined on the tour by Frank Allen, the bass player with chart topping group The Searchers who is a friend of Mr Knight.

Mrs Kaye said: “When we were just coming out we actually bumped into our local councillor Richard Burton.”

She said it was enjoyable to see the work local councillors do for their constituencies in Parliament.