Tory party in good shape

greg knight
greg knight

East Yorkshire MP Sir Greg Knight referred to a long list of Government achievements as he addressed Tory supporters in his constituency.

Sir Greg, speaking at the annual meeting of the East Yorkshire Constituency Conservative Association at Driffield, told Party members that the Conservative Party at Westminster was in excellent shape and was delivering the goods to the electorate in a now improving economic climate.

He said: “The country is moving forward and the economy is improving day by day. For example, since 2010, we have cut the number of quangos by 220, 24 million taxpayers have received a cut in income tax, Corporation Tax is down and the country’s deficit is down by a quarter.

“On the employment front, there are 400,000 more people in work. We also scrapped Labour’s Home Improvement Pack scheme which did little but push up the cost of moving house”.

Sir Greg also confirmed that the Conservative Party, if elected at the General Election next year, would go ahead with its promise of a referendum on Europe.

He added: “I am committed to seeing that the British public get a vote on Europe”.

At the same meeting, the retiring chairman of the Association, Michael Lee, of Driffield, stood down with East Riding Ward councillor, Andy Burton, taking over the role.

Other officers elected were: President - Coun. Symon Fraser; Deputy Chairman (Political) - Peter Wilson; Deputy Chairman (Membership) - Coun. David Rudd; Treasurer - Ian Dalgleish; and Vice Chairmen - Coun. Felicity Temple (Branch Support), Mike Stathers (Business and Community Liaison), Ms Delphine Kaye (Events).