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NBFP PA1540-13i
NBFP PA1540-13i

As anybody who used to be into their Goth-Metal will surely testify, Bridlington-based band Torso Horse were one of the finest bands around in the last decade.

Having made a name for themselves with their industrial brand of riff-heavy music, frontman Adam Towse and Co duly swept up and down the country, playing gigs like there was no tomorrow.

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NBFP PA1540-13q

Now, after a longer-than-planned hiatus, Torso Horse are back – and better than ever!

Here, in an exclusive interview with “Pulse” author Steve Rudd, Adam reveals the reasons behind the trio’s long-overdue reformation…

Q. So… is it really true that Torso Horse have reformed?

A. Yes, it’s true! We’re back and ready to give your eardrums a beating for a second time… bigger and better than ever!

Q. When was the last time you played together as a band?

A. The last time we played together was about seven years ago, although it really doesn’t seem like it was that long ago!

Q. Are there any new additions to the line-up?

A. There are no new additions. We have kept it authentic. We’re the same power-trio that people remember.

Aside from myself, James and Steve were the longest standing members by far, so it makes sense that we’ve reformed the band together.

Q. So what prompted your decision to reform? Public demand, personal reasons, or both?

A. Both! We never actually split up. I think we all just reached a point in our lives when other things took over for a while.

We have always kept in touch, and it was always the plan to reform.

We just had to wait until we were all in a good place to do so. Lots of people were always asking me if we would get back together, and I always felt bad that I couldn’t give them a straight answer.

As fans and friends, they put so much into supporting us, and we couldn’t have had the success we did without them.

It feels good to know that we’re finally able to give them what they want!

Q. Do you propose to stick together, or have you reformed purely for a one-off show?

A. The truth is that there is no plan. We played Dominion X Festival in Hull on September 27, and coming up we have our “hometown reunion” show at Utopia in Bridlington on Friday 16 October.

Then we plan on writing some new material and seeing where it takes us.

Q. Given that you’ve been rehearsing as a band in preparation for such shows, have you written anything new to “trial”?

A. We haven’t written any new material as yet. After seven years, the tracks have taken some remembering.

We are all more experienced now, so we’ve been refining some of the old material. Dare I say it, it sounds better than ever!

Q. Having first set the Goth-Metal scene alight 15

long years ago, how does it feel to be “back in the saddle,” older, wiser and more adept at performing?

A. It feels amazing. Luckily, when we got back in the rehearsal room for the first time, the chemistry was still there.

It was strange how we just slipped straight back into the old banter; it was like we’d never been away.

Probably the strangest thing is that drummer James has developed the ability to be organised and turn up on time… certainly something we weren’t used to!

On a serious note, we are all more experienced as musicians, and that’s really coming across in how the material is sounding. Like a fine wine, we’ve improved with age!

Q. In what ways has the local music-scene altered since you were last raging around Driffield, Bridlington, Hull and beyond?

A. There are certainly fewer metal bands around now. That said, there are a lot of talented bands and musicians in the local area.

It’s just a shame that there seems to be a lack of people supporting live music.

A lot of the venues that we played first time around just don’t exist anymore.

I can only conclude that this is due to a lack of support for live music.

Q. In spite of how busy you are, are you still fronting Filth Wizard?

A. Yes. We have a lot of fun doing the Filth stuff.

We have worked very hard on the material. Everyone needs a bit of Filth in their life!

Q. For those who’ve never had the pleasure of seeing or hearing you guys before, how would you best sell yourselves?

A. We are the complete article! With our exciting live show and intense brand of heavy-metal, we’ll give you the night of your life!

Q. What does the rest of 2015 hold in store for you?

A. Well, first of all, we’re putting 110 per cent into preparing for the upcoming shows.

I think we’ll then relax and take some time to play around with some new ideas and get some creative juices flowing. I am as intrigued as anyone to see just where it takes us!

Q. Finally, what’s the best way for Horse-lovers to find out more about future gigs and releases?

A. For now we have a “TORSOHORSE REUNION 2015” page on Facebook, so find us on there!