Tony shines in latest film role

Tony Barnes
Tony Barnes

At the age of 74 Tony Barnes isn’t shying away from the prospect of strutting down the red carpet after appearing in his third film.

The Flamborough pensioner has just attended the premier of Beneath the Shadows - a film directed by Gage Oxley, that explores a teenage girl’s struggle with anxiety and depression.

Tony, of Flaen Close, Flamborough, said: “It is an excellent film and I am proud to be part of it. It’s the type of film all youngsters between 16 and 20 need to see.”

Tony, a former captain of Flamborough Golf Club, plays the character of Frank Kennedy, a friendly neighbour of the troubled girl.

He has appeared in two other films prior to Beneath the Shadows, titled The Correspondent and The Myth.

Tony added: “I have done bits of extra work before and then I got a phone call asking me whether I would like to participate in Beneath the Shadow.

“I had 39 lines in The Myth and I played a professor in The Correspondent.”

But Tony’s fondness for the silver screen won’t stop here and he plans to audition for roles in future films.

London based casting agency ‘Pop’ has already contact Tony to ask whether he would be interested in appearing in a major upcoming film to be shot in Leeds.

Tony said: “I did it to see what it was like. I’m 74-years-old, but that doesn’t mean I can’t fulfil my ambitions.”

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