Toddler in tears after toy theft

Gary and Hazel Hanna with Alyna, aged 2.
Gary and Hazel Hanna with Alyna, aged 2.

A mother has described her devastation after she discovered toys belonging to her two-year-old daughter had been stolen from the garden at their family home.

The toys, including daughter Alyna Hanna’s favourite Peppa Pig doll, were taken while she was in hospital receiving treatment to help her walk.

However, Alyna was not bereft of toys for long as generous Bridlington residents have stepped forward to help replace the stolen items after an appeal was launched on Facebook.

Mum Hazel Hanna, 36, said: “I was devastated, my little girl is now hiding the few toys she does have left because she thinks somebody is going to steal them.

“She had had a lot of toys from inside the house in the garden that day, I just put them in a box and shoved them in the Wendy house 
because we had to go to the hospital. It was a big mistake.”

On the day of the theft, Thursday 22 May, Alyna was having new casts put on her legs at Bridlington Hospital to help her walk straight. When she was seven-months-old she suffered from a bout of measles, which left her with difficulties in walking.

“I wish their hands would drop off because she was really upset,” said Hazel, from Skipsea.

“I do not care how many problems you have got you never steal from a child.”

A request posted on Facebook by Hazel asking if any toys were for sale captured the attention of Bridlington resident Kerry Sargeson who arranged a collection with her colleagues at the Yorkshire Trading Company in Prospect Street.

On Tuesday 3 June a host of toys from a big cuddly rabbit, to buckets and spades, were presented to the Hanna family by Kerry and other Bridlington’s Salvation Army, based in Wellington Street, also appealed for donations through Facebook and £50 has been collected to buy Alyna new toys along with several items including a wendy house.

Hazel said: “It makes me feel like there is still some humnaity in this world and 
it is not just all take, take, take. I have been crying a lot actually, because nobody knows my little girl from 
Adam but yet they are willing to give so much.

“Thank you to all the people that made my little girl smile again and I hope that the bad person that did this is happy with themselves.”

Alyna’s dad, Gary, 54, who also had some garden tools stolen from his shed, said: “It is just unbelievable. You always tell your kids if you do a good deed then it will come back to you and now it is actually happening.”

Kerry, 43, of Wheatley Drive, said: “I’m very pleased to be able to help the family because they are so lovely.

“What Alyna has gone through at such a young age is terrible.”

Helping Kerry collect toys was colleague Becky Crozier, along with Janet Robinson, Lisa Hughs, Zoe Atkins and Laura Bruce.

Alyna has two sisters Olivia, aged nine and Laura aged 16. She also has a brother, Adam, who is 13.

Contact the police on the non emergency number 101 quoting crime reference number CF/2046124/2014 if anyone has been offered garden tools to buy from an unknown origin.