'Thugs tried toppling me out of wheelchair into stream for £10'

A double amputee grandmother was nearly thrown out of her wheelchair into a stream '” all for the sake of £10.

Thursday, 23rd February 2017, 10:20 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 8:22 am
Four boozed-up thugs tried toppling grandmother of 10 Amanda Glew out of her wheelchair and stole her handbag.

Grandmother of 10 Amanda Glew, 55, endured sickening taunts as thugs tried toppling her into Gypsey Race

“I said what are you doing? I will fall in!

“He just said ‘I just wanted to see if you could swim!’”, said poor Amanda.

Poor Amanda was robbed while making heading along Gypsey Bank.

The grandmother, who had both legs amputated to diabetes, had taken a shortcut along Gypsey Bank to meet her carer on Valentines Day.

As she approached a tree half-way along Gypsey Bank she was surrounded by the four boozed-up yobs.

“Two of them came in front and two went to the side of me so I couldn’t move,” she said.

“I just asked if they could get out the way. Then one of them said ‘you’ll move when I say you can move!’”

Poor Amanda was robbed while making heading along Gypsey Bank.

Two of the “laughing” thugs grabbed hold of petrified Amanda’s wheelchair — pushing her into a fence.

She added: “I was leant forward in my wheelchair. Luckily, I had my seatbelt on and as I went forward one of them took my handbag from around my neck.

“He said to the others ‘I’ve got the bag lads, let’s go.’

“The two beside me, they ran off. The other two didn’t. This man went by with his dog and then they went off.”

Inside the handbag was Amanda’s bank card and around £10 in her purse.

Police are now hunting the four men, who are all described as in their late teens or early twenties.

A spokesman for Humberside Police said: “Two wore tracksuit bottoms and another wore blue jeans. All had local accents and are believed to have been drinking in the area prior to the incident.

“We are keen to speak to any witnesses, including anyone who believes they may have seen the group prior to or after the attack.”

For poor Amanda, the shocking attack has left her “very shaken”.

“All I wanted to do was get home and get my door locked.

“That night I didn’t go to bed, because every noise I heard outside I thought ‘have they followed me?’”

And she has branded her cruel attackers “sick”.

“They’re sick — aren’t they? Who knows what’s going to happen when they get olders, because you can never tell, can you?

“They would not like it if it happened to their mum or anyone of their family, so why do it to someone else?”

Amanda’s story struck a chord with florist Kerith McGougan, of Petal Florist on King Street, who kindly gifted Amanda a bouquet of flowers.

Kerith said: “I just hope Amanda can find faith in humanity again. It’s a small gesture, but I think it’s a meaningful one and I hope she can find happiness again.”

Anyone who can help with the police appeal is urged to call 101 quoting crime reference number 2250208.