Theatre group seeks members for an all-singing extravaganza

A free to attend young persons’ theatre group is reaching out for new members in anticipation of their latest all-singing extravaganza.

The ReMarkable Theatre Company wants young people aged nine to 19 to get involved in their Rock Choir, which the organisers say will encourage youngsters to learn new skills, make new friends and have fun.

Co-organiser Rebecca Howley said: “We really wants lots of new people to come and sing.

“Last year we held a very successful rock orchestra and a few members of the group even went on to form a band which is still playing today.

“But this year the focus will be very much on singing rather than musical instruments.

“We are looking for young people with a love of rock music and a passion for singing, with sessions taking place at at the Resource Centre on Victoria Road, Bridlington

“From Nirvana to Queen, from Green Day to Guns n Roses – we’ll be learning rock and pop music both classic and contemporary”

The group will launch the new choir on 23 January at the Resource Centre and are in the process of planning performances to take place at the end of March.

If you are interested in joining the choir or think your child may be you can contact the ReMarkable Theatre Company on 07943 276496.

The Remarkable Theatre Company is run by husband and wife Mark and Rebecca Howley, and works in Bridlington with the aim of giving young people access to the creative arts.