The weekend weather for Bridlington - here's what to expect

A snowy scene in Bridlington from last year.
A snowy scene in Bridlington from last year.

After the yellow weather warning which has been affecting the Yorkshire coast in the last 24 hours, what does the weekend have in store?

Despite a few wintry showers this morning, it appears that the snow has gone for now. The Met Office says there will be regular showers throughout the day, but it will be rain, rather than sleet or snow.

Temperatures will be around 3C but it will feel below freezing in the moderate northerly winds.

Saturday's forecast is not great, especially for the area's sporting fixtures, with regular heavy rain and sleet showers and temperatures similar to Friday's.

Sunday should be drier and next week is looking better, with temperatures recovering slightly and most days looking dry after a few showers on Monday.