The weather forecast with Trevor Appleton

The latest weather forecast for East Yorkshire.
The latest weather forecast for East Yorkshire.

Your week ahead forecast for East Yorkshire.

Windier and wetter than recently.

Monday: Dry, mild and breezy. Rather a lot of cloud but a few bright or sunny intervals are likely. 14C

Tuesday: Continuing dry, bright and breezy for much of the day. A chance of more persistent rain later.

Wednesday: Fresher with near normal temperature. Dry with sunny spells.

Thursday: A very unsettled day with spells of rain and strong winds. Gust 60 mph+ possible. Keep updated with forecasts if this could pose a problem.

Friday: The calm after the storm. Cooler, fresher, light winds and sunshine. More wet and windy weather late in the day.

W/E: Unsettled with strong winds and bands of rain from time to time.

O/L: Mild with below average rainfall.

Eight day rainfall 20 mm 16 day rainfall 25mm average Februday monthly 48mm (the driest month of the year on average) ave max/min 6/1.