The Tourism Times opinion column with Tim Norman

The starting point for the Tour de Yorkshire was packed.
The starting point for the Tour de Yorkshire was packed.

Bridlington has once again this year been highlighted with the Tour de Yorkshire setting off from the sea front on two separate rides being the women and the men’s race up once again to Scarborough.

It was again a packed starting point with the weather right up until the flag fell being typical Bridlington sunshine.

Tim Norman.

Tim Norman.

It was a real shame, however, that as soon as the riders set off the heavens opened and a torrential downpour fell on the competitors and the spectators.

It was a great spectacle but of course marred by the interruption of a commercial break just as the riders went up the Old Town High Street which meant that all of the hard work that the Old Town’s folk had put into decorating their part of the route was all for nothing.

The viability of the Tour de Yorkshire setting off from Bridlington, in my opinion, is still out to the jury.

The start of the race is always only a procession and therefore the serious bike race enthusiasts may well only want to watch the race as it commences at real speed.

But, that said it is a great spectacle and it does bring some trade into the town even if it is just for a short period before the peloton has headed on its way.

Another announcement of course this week was the Blue Flag Awards schedule.

Bridlington’s’ beaches once again have reached at least the minimum water quality and cleanliness standard.

That said, the standards now are well in excess of what they were 10 or 15 years ago.

I would still have absolutely no hesitation in having a swim off South Beach and the standards still show that Bridlington’s beaches are open for business!

But, a major downer for the town is the continuing change in the shape of the accommodation for holiday makers.

It seems the reduction in the number of high quality guest houses is destined to continue.

The Sea Court on South Marine Drive has always had a very good reputation.

It is a shame that the owner is looking to change to flats but understandable all the same.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Bridlington Town Centre Area Action Plan did include the desire to reduce the number of low quality guest houses by the introduction of a high quality hotel but this does not seem to be happening.

But of course, as the House of Lords Select Committee recently stated, there has been a steady demise of the seaside resort and of course the introduction of over 110 new bedrooms into the town when the number of visitors is in decline is bound to produce an oversupply.

All this said, we still have our greatest asset – the fresh air, sunshine and sea which will always make the beaches, streets, fish and chip shops and cafes full over summer.

Let’s look forward with an optimistic mind ready to welcome the visitors to Great Bridlington – Old and New!