The Tourism Times column with Tim Norman

The beach volleyball championships was just one of many events held over the last month or so.
The beach volleyball championships was just one of many events held over the last month or so.

The tourist season of 2017 has made its now spectacular start with the major events of the Old Town Festival and the Open Gardens, the Kite Festival and of course the Northern Soul weekend.

The Old Town Festival once again this year saw it themed as a 1940s day, as a follow on from the Dad’s Army movie, with many new attractions and lots of nostalgia.

Tim Norman.

Tim Norman.

The day was wonderfully attended and, just like the Open Gardens Weekend, the weather was very kind to us all.

The start of August sees the next big event in the Bridlington Calendar of carnivals and events with the Bridlington Lions Classic Car, Car Boot and Carnival day. Hopefully once again there will be magnificent weather for this annual event.

Looking back 12 months the town was just recovering from referendum fever. We were looking forward to the prospect of not being in the EU and hopefully regaining much of our fishing grounds.

This would being with it a more prosperous future with, not only the prospects of a revitalised fishing industry but also greater tourism based around the fishing offering.

Another massive Government initiative has just had its final route declared, as I write this piece. HS2 is getting a step closer. The route of this enormous infrastructure project will bring the potential for guests from the south of England to reach Bridlington and the East Coast quicker – however once the visitors have reached Leeds the High Speed connections end and then the slow connections commence.

VHEY, the body established by ERYC to support tourism in Hull and East Yorkshire, continue to try their best to encourage visitors from far and wide to our part of the world.

The tourism brochure has been pulled back in-house after a couple of years of being associated with Scarborough.

I consider this to be the correct decision. Not only are the two resorts vastly different but the catchments and type of tourist are different, too.

Bridlington has for many years successfully ploughed its own furrow and we can do it once again. We are not the poor cousin but the wealthier uncle running the tighter ship.

Bridlington has lots to offer and we need to shout about the wonders of coming to the town for a holiday once again.

We have great entertainment – from the beach with Punch and Judy shows and the donkey rides, to Sewerby Hall and the magnificent programme of events at The Spa.