The Tourism Times column with hotelier Tim Norman

More options are needed for a redevelopment of our beautiful harbour.
More options are needed for a redevelopment of our beautiful harbour.

As the town has started to come back to life again in 2018 it has been abruptly frozen back to sleep again with the beast from the east dumping tonnes of snow on the area. It certainly added to some wonderful views across the sea and throughout the Wolds.

Spring 2018 is looking like being a busy period with many bookings coming in. As the year goes on Bridlington will see the development of the town centre continuing along Hilderthorpe Road and the opening of the Premier Inn in Bridlington. This is not to mention the Gypsy Race Park on Hilderthorpe Road and the movement of the Coach Park across to Lime Kiln Lane.

Royal Hotel owner Tim Norman.

Royal Hotel owner Tim Norman.

Although I do not personally agree with all of the developments taking place I feel that we have to accept the changes and embrace them and wish them all the best. There is a very big target – the future of Bridlington at stake.

Of course the big news in February was the issuing of the report on the Marina plans.

I have to say that I am so disappointed with the conclusion of the report given the extensive history of the development and the sums of money that have been invested into the numerous reviews and public enquiries. Now we are back to the drawing board with more opportunities for consultants to develop further options for a redevelopment of our beautiful harbour.

Although there is a problem with the current economic climate given the issues with Brexit and other high street issues which in Bridlington have been epitomised by the closing of Marks and Spencer.

The longevity of the Marina investment and the potential for the economy to pick up even before the scheme had been commissioned could well imply that it will be, in the future, economically viable.

Surely if the economic climate is poor for the Marina to be developed then how will Hilderthorpe Road coach park sale go through for retail development where all of the potential developers will be looking at the same economic data as the consultants who reviewed the viability of the Marina project?

The news is made more disappointing as it was to be a major part of the Bridlington Town Centre AAP. The redevelopment of the Marina was intended to be a linchpin of the method for the East Riding Council to encourage further investment in the town.

All this said, Bridlington still has so much to look forward to in the future and this year will be a fantastic year for the tourism trade in Bridlington whether it be for a family holiday on the beach, a sporting break on the Links or an eco-break on the cliff tops.