The Tourism Talk column with Tim Norman

The Old Town Secret Gardens event is held over the weekend of 16 and 17 June. pa1725-16b
The Old Town Secret Gardens event is held over the weekend of 16 and 17 June. pa1725-16b

It is great to see the life being breathed back into Brid again as the sun starts to lash across the beaches.

The last few weekends have seen Brid at its best with lots of lovely tourists taking advantage of our wonderful sands.

Tim Norman of the Royal Hotel in Bridlington.

Tim Norman of the Royal Hotel in Bridlington.

This, as usual has been a boost to the coffee shops, takeaways and other eateries although the feeling is that many of the visitors are day trippers and the main surge of the stay over tourists have yet to come.

The Kite Festival again drew many people to the cliff tops with some spectacular sights although unfortunately part of the weekend was spoiled with a mist.

This is one of the drawbacks, of course, with the unpredictable nature of British weather.

The Dad’s Army effect is still in evidence.

The Old Town is managing to keep the ripple alive with the magnificent 1940s festival coming up in a couple of weeks’ time.

Planning for this spectacular continues a pace and even before it takes place thanks must be given to the team in the Old Town Association who have managed once again to put on a great event.

For those Old Town aficionados the following weekend on 16 and 17 June is just as spectacular.

There will not be the thousands of people parading the streets as in the 1940s event on the 10 June but there will be the beauty of the Old Town Secret Gardens to inspect and enjoy.

Of course don’t forget to visit all of the antiquity shops, traditional artisans and clock makers whilst in and around the Old Town.

Only a short walk from the town centre to the ‘Other Side of the Seaside’.

May is always an excellent start to the tourism year with two bank holidays and they have both been well worth enjoying.

Unfortunately, of course, the town continues to be surrounded by building works on all sides and on the main entrances into the town.

One can only hope that the visitors this year will be able to see beyond the building sites and be able to see the visions for the future which will hopefully attract them back in coming seasons to see the likes of the new Gypsey Race Park, the new Caravan sites on South Shore, the exciting developments on Hilderthorpe Coach Park and the changes to the entrance to Railway Station.

What does remain the same though is the glory of the Beaches which we possess in Bridlington.

Although once again this year our beaches have not achieved the coveted Blue Flag award we have maintained our Seaside Awards for a clean beach with good water quality and safe environment in which to enjoy the Beach.

So, lets all get on and enjoy what we have – Bridlington is a beautiful place to live and work and of course visit and enjoy.