The Talking Tourism column with Tim Norman

The Active Coast Programme of events, which includes beach volleyball, is now underway.
The Active Coast Programme of events, which includes beach volleyball, is now underway.

June has seen some of the usual great events in Bridlington including the magnificent 1940s Festival and Secret Gardens in the Old Town as well as a Seafood Festival and of course Art Waves and the Armed Forces Day celebrations in the town.

All of these events help to bring vibrancy and life into the town and excitement of the activities they promote.

Now moving into early July the Active Coast Programme of events has commenced with the beach volleyball and of course many more exciting events planned in over the summer period for tourists and residents alike.

Additionally we look forward to the revamp of the North side of the sea front from Garrison Square up to the Leisure Centre with an addition of a real world renowned piece of art to draw more visitors to the town and be a real standout piece on the coast.

There have been negatives also recently and I am highlighting these with the desire to build respect for our beautiful town as well as to enhance our environment.

For many years there has been an issue with people discarding household items and not properly disposing of them, instead just leaving them outside of their property.

Although it creates an unsightly and unwarranted blot on the landscape where ever it occurs, this is particularly important for the tourist coming into the town, in areas where they will alight into Bridlington for their summer holidays.

First impressions count and you have “One Chance to make a First Impression”.

Bridlington’s first impression lasts so let’s make it a great one.

In addition to this of course is the issue of just wanton vandalism. There are areas around the town which appear to have been targeted recently and once again they are where there will be significant tourist entrance into the town.

As a town and as a society there are 99% of people who respect their town and their environment but when the 1% of the populous let us down it affects the whole feel and perception of Bridlington as a wonderful place to live, work and visit.

All that said, we have school summer holidays just around the corner when we hope that many of the guest houses and self catering accommodations will be full from week to week with families loving what Bridlington has to offer – great beaches, great places to visit and great fresh air and relaxation. It’s time to welcome them with open arms.