The end of an era for Bridlington Lifeboat

It launched 264 times, rescued 471 people and saved 22 lives.

Now the Marine Engineer, the all-weather lifeboat which has served Bridlington for the last 22 years, is heading to pastures new.

Crew members on board the Marine Engineer for the last time

Crew members on board the Marine Engineer for the last time

Crowds turned out on the south beach in lovely sunshine to say farewell on Sunday as it launched for the final time.

It marked the end of an era natonally too. It is the last boat in the country to be taken along the street to launch and driver Adi Trower carried out a task that will not be repeated here anywhere in the country again.

It also represented the end of service for the old boathouse in South Marine Drive after more than a century.

A simple ceremony saw Doug Twigg, whose family have lived in the house next to the boathouse since it was built in 1903, lower the station flag for the last time.

The lifeboat launched at 12:12pm on Sunday, noting the RNLI number on the boat’s hull.

The Marine Engineer travelled by sea to Grimsby and will complete the rest of the journey to the RNLI headquarters in Poole overland.

Coxswain Stuart Tibbett, who brought ashore the brand new Antony Patrick Jones last month, also had responsibility for sailing the old all-weather vessel on the first stage of its journey southwards.

That is based at the town’s new boathouse and has been classed as officially ready for service.