The clean up begins as flood clears in Burton Fleming

The flooding dies down in Burton Fleming.
The flooding dies down in Burton Fleming.

FLOOD water which blighted a village over the festive period has finally begun to subside this week.

Now the clean up operation will begin for villagers, who are keeping a nervous eye on weather forecasts to make sure there is no repeat of their miserable festive period which saw water up to 18 inches high 
flow through the streets and flood homes.

Pumps supplied by the Environment Agency are still moving water into the Gypsey Race and away from the village, but flood water has now subsided from roads and pavements.

Keith Wells, chair of Burton Fleming Parish Council, said: “Things are very slowly getting better.

“We are trying to get back to some sort of normal life now the water has started to subside, but it is difficult for those who have had flooding in their homes.

“I’m sure everyone is keeping an eye on the weather forecast and we hope that there isn’t much rain to come.”

A public meeting was held at St Cuthbert’s Church in the village on Saturday, where almost 100 residents questioned officials on what would happen next.

“There were a few people who were frustrated and wanted answers at the meeting, which is understandable. But it’s difficult to say why it happened or what we can do to stop it in the future. As a parish council we have tried to pass on the concerns of residents and local knowledge and some of that has been really very helpful,” continued Mr Wells.

Firefighters spent Christmas pumping away water from people’s homes after persistent rainfall led to the banks of the Gypsey Race bursting in the village. Water also forced up through the floors in some properties, due to the high water table level.

But Mr Wells believes the miserable festive period endured by villagers could lead to a stronger community.

He said: “I hope that the village becomes stronger after this. These days, people lead busy lives and may not even know their next door neighbour or anyone on their street.

“I’m hoping that the one good thing that can come of this will be a greater community spirit, which we have already seen in abundance.”

An investigation into stopping Burton Fleming flooding again is now underway by engineers at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, along with the Environment Agency.

John Skidmore, head of Streetscene Services at the council, said: “We have seen most of the water clear off the roads and footpaths, but we still have pumps on site and we are trying to contain the water in the Gypsey Race.

“The levels of water are still high but they are dropping coming from Wold Newton, and we will continue to monitor. Our response is in three stages now. Firstly containment, which we are still working on.

“Secondly, supporting individuals and making sure we assist where people have problems. We are door knocking now and will continue that, as well as working with the parish council.

“Then the investigation comes and that is a longer term thing. We are looking at it alongside the Environment Agency and that could take weeks or months. We want to focus on how we can stop this happening in the future.”

Mr Skidmore confirmed that the water level in Rudston and Boynton was satisfactory, after fears that hasty action in clearing water from Burton Fleming could leave those villages at risk from flooding.

Water has also sprung up through some roads in Kilham, but is yet to affect any properties.