The case of the sinking road. . .

Hole in the Road in Market Place Old Town'PA1120-9b
Hole in the Road in Market Place Old Town'PA1120-9b

WORKMEN from East Riding of Yorkshire Council were on hand to investigate why a patch of Bridlington road has been sinking.

A large hole had developed on Market Place, in Old Town, near the Brian Tingle garage and the Nags Head pub, last year.

An East Riding of Yorkshire Council spokesperson said: “The council undertook works to fill voids connected to an old well beneath the Market Place, in Bridlington, several years ago.

“Over time these works have deteriorated and the council is currently investigating the problem to establish what further repair works are required.”

Bridlington town councillor David Metcalf had raised the issue with the town council, who then contacted East Riding council about the problem.

He said: “It is good to see something starting to happen with it because it has proved a nuisance to people who use the road.

“We didn’t know at first whether it was sinking because of an old well, or if it was the cellar of an old property.

“Hopefully East Riding council can get this problem sorted quickly.”

The hole, which is directly outside the entrance of Brian Tingle’s garage, got worse due to the recent harsh winter.

“The road has been sinking at that spot for months, and it has got worse with the bad weather,” said Brian.

“We have lost a few parking spaces out the front although thankfully it has not stopped people getting in and out of the garage, but one or two cars have hit it and needed to come in for repairs.

“The road sinking is something that has happened on that spot twice in the last 10 years.”

One couple who contacted the Free Press, and asked not to be named, said the hole had caused “chaos” for traffic at busy periods.

“It has been that way for nearly a year and got even worse with the recent bad weather we have had,” they said.

“It needs fixing because it causes a build up of traffic, and hopefully they will do something about the potholes along Market Place as well.”