The Bridlington Business column with Christine Brown

Bridlington Business Centre.
Bridlington Business Centre.

I have said many times in this column that ‘Bridlington is open for business’ and the town has a diverse range of business sectors, including commercial, retail and leisure, which support the requirements of both residents and visitors.

Across the East Riding, between 2012 and 2016, there was a net increase in jobs of 14,000.

Bridlington has played an important role in this with an approximate 10% increase in businesses in the area.

While the majority of the growth is from new businesses, there has also been inward investment from other businesses into the area that have created jobs, such as Premier Inn.

The confidence that comes from businesses relocating to the area in turn grows confidence in local businesses and East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s business and tourism services has seen an increase in new business enquiries, enquiries for premises and enquiries for advice on growth.

While not all the potential projects will come to fruition, the majority progress and add to the existing offer of Bridlington giving added value to the local economy.

Money spent in town generates opportunities for businesses to grow and employ more staff, improve the training of their staff and continue to expand the 12-month economy of Bridlington, which is seen as a seaside town (which part of the year it is) rather than an all-year-round coastal town.

The last business column talked about the benefit of the great weather experienced this summer and how the town benefited.

It showed that potential can be turned into performance and this becomes a learning experience for future development.

The enthusiasm of the business owners will play a vital role in this.

Small businesses provide the lifeblood of the local economy and need to be recognised, appreciated and used so that they can continue to grow and provide employment opportunities.

However, at the same time, we need to appreciate larger businesses whose products and services we may use infrequently but have had the confidence to locate to Bridlington and create jobs and training opportunities within the local economy.

Next time you’re in town, along the promenade or even on the industrial estates have a look and see what’s there now that wasn’t there before or who’s in larger premises than they were before, but mainly notice ‘Bridlington is open for business’.

For more details on starting a business, growing a business or advice on searching for premises, contact Bridlington Business Centre on (01262) 401399 or visit