The Bridlington Business column with Christine Brown

There are more than 100 businesses operating from Carnaby Industrial Estate.
There are more than 100 businesses operating from Carnaby Industrial Estate.

Bridlington is often seen as a place of beaches, bingo, fish ‘n’ chips and ice cream but there is more to the town and surrounding area than that.

Wherever you are in and around the town, it’s noticeable just how many tradespersons’ vans there are – all with local telephone numbers on them – and also just how many independent retailers, hairdressers and service providers there are.

Christine Brown, Business Adviser at Bridlington Business Centre

Christine Brown, Business Adviser at Bridlington Business Centre

A good indicator of how much business is going on in the area is the number of businesses providing business-to-business services, such as accountants of which there are both established and opening branches in the town.

When you look at all these factors, it is great to know that Bridlington is open for business locally, nationally and internationally.

Enquiries to East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Business Services are increasing weekly, with businesses looking to grow, take on new staff and diversify as well as the regular start-up enquiries.

Within this column in recent months, we’ve talked about the tourism industry and the harbour amongst other topics and detailed the importance they have in terms of job numbers created, but there is a lot more to Bridlington.

A visit to the industrial estates at Bessingby and Carnaby shows success and growth with large businesses employing many staff and new independent sole traders occupying small and-medium sized industrial units. Many of these independent businesses are part of the supply chains of larger enterprises.

It was encouraging to see that on Carnaby Industrial Estate there were very few of these small and medium-sized units unoccupied and that areas of open space for development had more ‘sold’ notices on them than ‘for sale’.

There are over 100 businesses on Carnaby Industrial Estate and these businesses employ over 2,000 people. Bee Health, one of the largest employers, is still growing, Venture Seafoods is championing locally-caught seafood nationally and internationally and The Garage is diversifying by opening The Gearbox Factory. These independent businesses, so often referred to as the lifeblood of the local economy, are playing a key role in Bridlington’s success.

The diversity of the businesses on both estates and the encouraging signs of investment being brought into the area are welcome news and will help create more job opportunities and prosperity for the town.

There is more to Bridlington than probably we all realise and sometimes we assume the worst case scenario, but the good news is that the town is very much open for business!

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