The Bridlington Business Column with Andy Wheeler.

There's so much on offer for visitors and locals alike at Bridlington Harbour.
There's so much on offer for visitors and locals alike at Bridlington Harbour.

Bridlington Harbour has long been a focal point for both residents and tourists and is highly important to the local economy.

The mix of businesses based within the harbour estate creates job opportunities, both permanent and seasonal.

Andy Wheeler.

Andy Wheeler.

Overall the businesses based around the harbour provide around 150 jobs not including the jobs provided by the fishing fleet so is a vital factor in the local economy and the continued growth of Bridlington.

The main business activity of the busy working harbour centres on the fishing fleet where some 40 vessels working both inshore and offshore have established Bridlington as the leading shellfish port of its type in Britain.

Provisional landing figures from the Marine Management Organisation indicate an annual catch valued at £8.7 million, which is handled by three landing companies – Bridlington Shellfish Co Ltd, Coastal Shellfish Ltd and Independent Shellfishermens Cooperative Ltd selling to a large domestic and international market.

Combined the companies employ around 30 people within the landing and marketing operations.

But business in and around Bridlington Harbour is much more than fishing and its associated business activity. Take a walk around and there is a variety of options available to everybody to eat, buy fancy goods, buy seafood, have an ice cream go on a pleasure cruise – you can do it all thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the dedicated business owners.

Dave and Ian from Shell World said: “The atmosphere around this beautiful harbour is terrific – it’s a happy place to come to work, it’s a fascinating place and the view is different every day.”

Going on a pleasure cruise either on the Yorkshire Belle or the Pirate Ship can give people a different perspective of Bridlington and the coast.

Pete Richardson of the Yorkshire Belle has seen the rise of nature tourism – as mentioned in the last business column – and runs speciality cruises to capitalise on this boom, allowing enthusiasts to experience the splendour of the Bempton Cliffs close up.

Sean Newby, owner of the Pirate Ship told me that: “People make their way to the harbour area many of them to see the Gansey Girl or follow the Maritime Heritage Trail – there’s so much on offer for visitors and locals alike.”

With accessibility from the north side and the south side providing a continuous promenade facility across the seafront the businesses are thriving.

Bridlington Harbour is much more than a base for the fishing industry. It provides the opportunities for business owners to run thriving businesses and create employment opportunities for many.

The growth for the business owners is to be welcomed and we are all looking forward to the harbour continuing to be the great attraction it is.