Thanks given to veteran helpers

Margaret and Joyce with fellow volunteers at Bridlington Hospital
Margaret and Joyce with fellow volunteers at Bridlington Hospital

Two volunteering stalwarts have been thanked for a decade of hard work during a special event to recognise their dedication.

Selfless Margaret Evans and Joyce Barker have spent 10 years supporting the Royal Voluntary Service at Bridlington Hospital.

Now the pair have been recognised for their tireless work by fellow volunteers in the Service.

Service manager Caroline Walker said unsuspecting Margaret and Joyce had no idea about the surprise presentation.

“They are well-known faces in the hospital,” she said, “It was a surprise and they really were both delighted.

“They were both presented with Royal Voluntary Service badges which celebrate their 10 years of service.”

The dedicated duo were also presented with flowers from other volunteers at the hospital.

Margaret, who is 72 and works on the shop kiosk at the hospital, said she decided to join the Service after reading an article in the Bridlington Free Press a decade ago.

She said: “10 years later and I’m still here!

“Volunteering gets you out of the house and you meet lots of new people.

“Mind you , I’ve told Caroline I don’t know where I’ll be here in another 10 years.”

Joyce, who is 69 and delivers the sweet trollies around the wards, added: “I didn’t expect any thanks or appreciation. I used to work at a surgery so I know a lot of them in the hospital. Most of them are happy to see me!”