Terry looks for a remedy to pricey medicine

A BBC consumer programme was filming in Bridlington last week, highlighting the difference in price between branded and unbranded medicines.

Monday, 30th July 2018, 8:04 am
Terry Edwards

Terry Edwards wrote to Rip Off Britain to flag up the issue and was invited to be part of a future show.

He said:“I sent an email over a year ago and they got back in touch a few weeks ago.

“My daughter wanted me to pick up some ibuprofen but she saidshe wanted the branded ones because the work better.

“I looked at the ingredients and found there was no difference. Why can you get one box of 16 tablets for 25p and one with a different name is £2?”

They filmed at Terry’s home and on the seafront before taking him to Manchester, where he stayed in a hotel, befoe meeting Professor Jayne Lawrence from Manchester University.

From there they went to Leeds University, where Terry interviewed Professor Theo Raynor.

“He was fantastic and wants packaging to be made more clear. It was brilliant to speak to him.”

The programme is due to be shown in October.