Teri seeks team of Community Knights

Teri Brown hopes to set up a Community Knights club.
Teri Brown hopes to set up a Community Knights club.
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A BRIDLINGTON resident who has been claiming benefits after being made redundant has made it her new year’s resolution to set up a club to help needy people in the town.

After claiming job seekers allowance since losing her job as a dog warden with Scarborough Council four years ago, Teri Brown, 46, of Trinity Road, now wants to help others in Bridlington who are suffering hardship.

Teri is hoping to set up a new club called ‘Community Knights’ in an attempt to start up community projects such as a food and clothing bank for those who have fallen on hard times.

“I’m on jobseekers myself and it’s very hard. I don’t think that people in high places seem to realise that and I want to do something about it. I’m sick of being in that position,” said Teri.

“I think there’s a real need for something like this in Bridlington.”

Since losing her job as a dog warden, Teri has applied for around 200 jobs in Scarborough and a further 50 in Bridlington but has not yet secured employment.

But now she hopes to recruit a group of like minded people to the Community Knights project with the aim of setting up schemes to benefit the local community, with a food and clothing bank or small shop designed to help the needy being one such idea.

And being a keen dog walker, Teri is keen to keep Bridlington’s beaches clean, having seen raw sewage, discarded fuel and oil cans, dead birds, broken bottles and rusty tin cans on previous walks along the town’s beaches.

If successful in recruiting a large enough team of knights Teri hopes to hold a beach clean up.

“I’m a responsible dog owner and I clean up after my dog but I’m having to paddle through God knows what on the beach,” Teri said.

Membership of the scheme will cost £5 a year, to cover printing and postage costs, and Teri hopes to hold regular club meetings to discuss possible projects.

The club is open to anyone aged 20 and over and the first five people to join will receive a free ring binder for their club paperwork.

“It’s my new year resolution to get this idea off the ground. If I can get enough people on board and get a good group together I think I can make a go of it,” Teri added.

For an application form to become a community knight please text your name, address and postcode to 07564093141.