Ten years since the disappearance of Sybil Appelquist

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Pam Appelquist, 72, is convinced her sister-in-law and former friend and employee is dead.

Speaking from her Bridlington home she said: “Right from the very beginning I always thought Sybil was dead.

“Now, every time there is something on the news or in the papers about human remains being found, wherever it is, I can’t help wondering if it is Sybil. There is not a day goes by that I don’t think about her.“

Until ill health forced her retirement Pam ran her father’s business, Arnold’s Fisheries, in Queen Street, now run by her son Andrew.

“Applequist’s Fisheries would have been a bit of a mouthful, by father’s other name was Arnold,” she explained.

She knew Sybil Hornby before she married her brother as she worked at Arnold’s for more than 10 years.

Sybil had been a friend but was not always an easy one.

Pam described her as suffering from depression, which could take her into deep lows.

“I spent a lot of my life trying to help her out of those lows,“ said Pam.

Sybil was close to her brother Anthony Hornby who lives in the London area and has a twin boy and girl.

“Sybil idolised those children, she would never have missed sending them a birthday card or presents. Wherever she might have gone.

“She would spend hours choosing just the right cards for other people for birthdays and Christmas, she never missed.”

However, the cards stopped coming and her brother found it difficult to find her at home when he rang.

Pam believes Sybil was dead long before police launched a missing persons inquiry.

“I am sure she had vanished a good six months before she was said to be missing. I think that is when she died.

“Neighbours at Cranbeck Close noticed they hadn’t seen Sybil working in her garden for a long time, she used to enjoy her garden.,“ said Pam.

Pam, who gave evidence at her brother’s trial, said she has had no contact with him for longer than 10 years and has no idea where he is now.

Her hope is that one day Sybil’s body will be discovered.

“All I want is for justice to be done,” she said. Until then she will still have painful reminders of the sister-in-law, workmate and friend every time an unidentified body comes to light.