Talks begin into flooding crisis

Geoff Seward, chairman of Kilham Parish Council, Coun Jane Evison and Coun Jonathan Owen in Kilham.
Geoff Seward, chairman of Kilham Parish Council, Coun Jane Evison and Coun Jonathan Owen in Kilham.

A MEETING took place to start talks into an action plan to combat the threat of flooding in the villages surrounding Bridlington.

On Friday February 8 East Riding of Yorkshire Councillors, representatives of Yorkshire Water and the Environment Agency were in discussion with members of Nafferton and Kilham Parish Councils, at County Hall, Beverley.

The meeting was called by Councillor Jane Evison cabinet portfolio holder for rural issues and cultural services at East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Coun Evison said: “The meeting highlighted some issues again for East Riding Council and Yorkshire Water to take some combined services to eliminate some possible concern.”

She said the meeting could lead to flood protection measures highlighted in the discussion being considered in the East Riding Yorkshire Plan, a set of documents which will provide a framework for the council when managing development in the county.

“A commitment was given about highway repairs, and there have been some temporary repairs in some of the pot holes at Kilham but there will be a larger repair scheme once the water has gone down,” said Coun Evison.

A public drop-in session was also agreed to take place in Kilham inviting residents to raise questions and concerns over flooding with council officers.

She said: “What we would like to hear about is the location regarding these springs because a lot of locals would have historical knowledge.

“Again with Nafferton we looked very much at the action plan - discussing planning and future planning. Water issues will be picked up in the plan now, but there is commitment to working together with East Riding Council and Yorkshire Water to do further exploratory work and making sure that the facilities that are in place such as the surface water drains are working properly.

“In both cases it was very much about working together. It is about cooperation and it is absolutely the way forward.”

Geoff Seward, chairman of Kilham Parish Council said: “It was a positive meeting. It is a work in progress and certainly the expectation is that people will not be allowed to forget all about us.

“We are in a better position than we were in a month ago. We have now got all the people that need to be interested in what is going on in Kilham to know that there is a situation which needs to be resolved.”

Yorkshire Water said: “***”

The Environment Agency said: “***”

The meeting comes after the council announced the purchase of six trailer-mounted pumps for use in flooded properties, along with 25 submersible pumps, costing £120,0000.

The pumps will be stationed at each of the council’s six depots to improve response to flooding, and are expected to be in place in May.

Nigel Leighton, director of environment and neighbourhood services at East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “The council takes the issue of flooding very seriously and is committed to doing all it can to reduce the risk of flooding in the East Riding and strengthen its response when incidents occur.”