Talking Tourism column with Tim Norman

Bridlington will have the opportunity to shine on TV as the Tour de Yorkshire starts on Friday 28 April.
Bridlington will have the opportunity to shine on TV as the Tour de Yorkshire starts on Friday 28 April.

Only five weeks to go till one of the largest events in the tourism calendar to hit and make an impact on the marketing of Bridlington this year.

Once again, as with two years ago, the tour de Yorkshire starts here!

Royal Hotel Bridlington's Tim Norman.

Royal Hotel Bridlington's Tim Norman.

This year we have been assured that the television coverage will be live from the start and so we really have an opportunity to shine to many millions of viewers.

So, if your thoughts haven’t already gone that way, it is now time to concentrate in ‘adapting your product’ with flags, bunting, and most of all enthusiasm and excitement.

It will be a magnificent day with the eyes of the world on Bridlington’s seafront and then through the town centre as the many professional cyclists head off towards Driffield and beyond.

But, will the road network around the town be ready to welcome these illustrious sportsmen?

There have been many issues and calamities with the amendments to the road layout especially on Bridge Street which is directly on the route of the Tour de Yorkshire.

These have included pictures of cars and vans attempting to go the wrong way down the one way street and wagons getting stuck negotiation the corners and the roadworks.

However, we are assured by the main contractor that, despite some delays and hold-ups, come Friday 28 April Bridge Street and all other roads which are currently being worked on will be open for the peloton to be zooming along.

There may be still some television coverage of the works going on in Bridlington town centre but remember ‘we can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs’ and any building and roadworks is looking forward to the Bridlington of tomorrow and a bright future ahead for all of the towns people.

So, on 28 April, any issues need to be put to one side and a positive, progressive and excited welcome needs to be lavished on the teams of athletes.

Additionally in the next couple of months there is the magnificent Puffin experience and Gannets galore at RSPB Bempton Cliffs.

The first Puffins have returned to the cliffs and will be preparing for their breeding season.

It is great to see that the RSPB reserve at Bempton, over the last couple of years has developed into an exceptionally accessible location for able bodied and disabled people.

Bridlington has also always been considered a magnificent location for people with poor mobility.

With its great flat sea fronts and highly accessible promenades not to mention the many benches which appear around every 50 to 60 yards along the sea front.

With Easter and the traditional commencement of the holiday season on the seaside we look forward to welcoming the athletes, young and old back once again to our shores just as Bempton welcomes the seabirds back with equal regularity.