Talent contest heats up

Revelstoke Hotel'East Yorkshires Got Talent'2nd heat'PA1130-22c'Tyler Smith 14
Revelstoke Hotel'East Yorkshires Got Talent'2nd heat'PA1130-22c'Tyler Smith 14
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IT was another entertaining heat at last week’s Yorkshire Coast’s Got Talent contest, with the quality of performance and audience reception the best yet.

Judges on the evening were professional entertainer Julie Coulson, Katie Walker Cancer Trust fundraiser Wraggy and a new face on the panel, Free Press photographer Paul Atkinson.

Revelstoke Hotel'East Yorkshires Got Talent'2nd heat'PA1130-22r'Entrants

Revelstoke Hotel'East Yorkshires Got Talent'2nd heat'PA1130-22r'Entrants

Opening last week’s show was 18-year-old Joe Stephenson performing ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey, which was a fabulous start.

Amy Davidson, 21, gave a lovely rendition of ‘Without You’ by Mariah Carey, followed by 14-year-old Tyler Smith with a Dean Martin arrangement of ‘Kick In The Head’ - telling the judges afterwards that he wanted to show them a different side of his talent.

Daniel Richmond, 16, was on form once again, this time delivering a ‘Michael Jackson’ theme to his beat boxing.

Megan Rooker sang in the second half and gave the performance of the night according to judges, singing ‘Run’ by Leona Lewis, raising the bar and turning a few heads, including those of the judges.

Brodie Milner, 15, was another artist who really impressed this week with a superb performance of his own composition ‘Promise Me’.

Fourteen-year-old Sophie Marie took to the stage this week with ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift, and definitely has a flair for the New Country sound.

Amber Warren, 13, the youngest contestant in the adult section sang Celine Dion’s ‘Because You Loved Me’, delivering her strongest performance yet.

Nicole Tindall, 15, sang ‘Sometimes’ by Britney Spears with a relaxed and accomplished voice, while 34-year-old Emma Miles brought a little accapella to the night with ‘Behind The Wall’ by Tracey Chapman. Nancie Marie, 16, opened the second half of the show with a beautiful version of ‘In The Arms Of An Angel’ from the film Fallen.

Kylie Hudson, 27, was back on stage singing the very popular ‘Someone Like You’ by Adele and Rebecca Arundel another 14-year-old sang and played guitar providing yet another original composition called ‘Teardrops From My Heart’.

Faye Theabould, 18, was once again belting out another strong vocal by Beyonce, a track called ‘Listen’.

Terrance Heath, 80, provided one of the highlights of the evening with an energetic and enthusiastic performance of Frank Sinatra’s ‘Let Me Try Again’.

Judge Paul Atkinson our judge said that Terrance was “like a fine wine that had matured with age.”

A brilliant way to end the evening was a performance from Amy Cleal, 19, who surprised everyone with a unique and superb vocal of Susan Boyle’s ‘Wild Horses’. It was haunting and let everyone know that this young lady can really sing.

The night was yet another great success with its fundraising for the Katie Walker Cancer Trust, with another £308 for the charity to be added to the pot that now stands at £1800.

The winners going through to Heat 3 this week were Megan Rooker, Brodie Milner, Sophie Marie, Nancie Marie, Faye Theabould, Amy Cleal, Joe Stephenson, Tyler Smith, Kylie Hudson, Terrance Heath, Rebecca Arundel, Nicole Tindall, Amy Davidson and Daniel Richmond.

The next heat comes this Saturday August 6 at the Revelstoke Hotel, from 7.30pm.

All are welcome with just a £1 door charge for what is set to be another terrific night. All proceeds on the door to the Katie Walker Cancer Trust.

Sponsors of the contest this year are Lloyd Dowson Chartered Accountants of Bridlington.