Taking a tour of Westminster

On the train down to London.
On the train down to London.

I was invited, along with 17 other young people from across England, to visit the Houses of Parliament to meet MPs.

Arriving at Kings Cross Station was another big thing for me, and walking across to St Pancras underground station.

Pictured outside Parliament.

Pictured outside Parliament.

This is where the Eurostar starts its journey to destinations across Europe.

Arriving at Westminster and seeing the size of it was phenomenal, and then seeing Big Ben, it was huge.

Outside Westminster was busy and the sheer size of it stunned me, we didn’t get chance to meet the MPs because of the election call out but we still contributed to the discussion with the education select committee.

Before I went I received an information pack describing what we would be doing once we got there.

In the pack I was told what the education select committee is and what it is made up of.

It is made up of 11 MPs and they were carrying out an inquiry into education, what is good, and what needs to improve.

The MPs were speaking to a variety of people regarding different aspects of education.

Young people are the experts on what it’s like to be part of education so our views were asked on what makes a good school and how it adapts for children with different needs. Being part of the select committee inquiry is a great way of influencing what the Government does in the future.

Inside Parliament was absolutely amazing as we got a tour of the entire building and got to see the great hall where it is said that Henry the Eighth was known to play tennis.

We went into the House of Lords and learned about the colour coded seats in the Lords and the Commons and how voting happens.

We saw the Queen’s golden throne where she opens Parliament and we were told that Michael Jackson wanted to buy it and he got told a big fat ‘NO’!