Take to Twitter to give Bridlington a boost worldwide

Fiona Garth and Tim Norman outside the Royal Hotel.
Fiona Garth and Tim Norman outside the Royal Hotel.
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TECH-SAVVY Bridlington residents and businesses are being 
encouraged to take to their computers for an hour a week to talk up all that is good about the town.

Following in the footsteps of the successful ‘Yorkshire Hour’ campaign –where users of social networking site Twitter spend an hour on a Wednesday evening promoting the county – a 
Bridlington hotelier and councillor are hoping that the town’s tweeters will 
follow suit.

Tim Norman, of the Royal Hotel in Shaftesbury Road, and Coun Shelagh Finlay have already started the ball 
rolling by promoting the town online – but are hoping to attract more people to send messages on the social networking site to let others know what is happening in Bridlington.

Mr Norman said: “We are hoping to get Bridlington as busy as we can for guests and businesses alike, and we think the power of Twitter can help us do that.

“Each Wednesday night there is a #YorkshireHour on Twitter when many people from around the county tweet about what they are doing and what is great about their part of the county.

“Each week #YorkshireHour gets to trending status which means that more and more people will be considering and learning more about Yorkshire.

“We in Bridlington also need to get our name trending and, in internet speak, ‘going viral’ around the UK.

“Let’s get a #BridlingtonHour going to get everyone in Bridlington who is on the social networking site tweeting like crazy about the beauty of Bridlington.”

It is hoped that residents and businesses could highlight events or offers – anything that promotes the town.

Coun Finlay said: “Anything that promotes the night time economy in the town is definitely worth doing.

“The #YorkshireHour is already very popular and so to do the same in Bridlington is a marvellous idea.

“It could appeal to those who are thinking of coming to the town, or let people who already live here know what’s going on.”

The campaign has already received the backing of Welcome to Yorkshire.

A spokesperson for the regional tourism body said: “The Bridlington Hour plan is an interesting idea and would complement existing things like Yorkshire Hour.

“It’s a good way of businesses in Bridlington joining up even more.”

If you have a Twitter profile, or even if you are new to the site, you can take part by creating a message about the town and ending it with #BridlingtonHour on Wednesday evenings, between 7pm and 8pm.

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