Switching to 'live' TV can help when signal is poor

Switching to live streaming to watch programmes might help while TV signal is poor.
Switching to live streaming to watch programmes might help while TV signal is poor.

I write in answer to the article by John Edwards titled “Why is your TV signal so poor in heatwave?” (5 July) as I too have noticed that these atmospheric weather conditions cause interference to my TV.

As we live in Bridlington, right at the furthest point from the Belmont TV transmitter in Lincolnshire which provides our TV Freeview services, then this is bound to happen, that is just the way it is.

The way that the frequencies have been allocated for Freeview TV means that it is not possible to erect a separate new DTT mast just for Bridlington.

My answer, when this wonderful sunny weather causes this interference, is to watch ‘live’ TV on BBC iPlayer or any programme I wish to see via one of the ‘catch-up’ services on our Roku Box.

The Roku devices (Express and Streaming Stick+) are TV internet streamers and others include Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast and NOW TV Box/Stick (based on the Roku devices) and all these are easily available from local Bridlington electrical stores.

I find that this overcomes the problem, which in any case only lasts a short time.

The other alternative is to watch TV via Freesat.

We have no problem with DAB radio as our nearest transmitters are just north of Bridlington and/or near to Hull.

This means we still have excellent DAB/DAB+ reception for the over 50 radio stations including some newer stations such as Jazz FM Stereo, Premier Praise, talkRADIO, Union JACK and Virgin Radio.

Local FM from BBC Radio Humberside, Capital Yorkshire, Viking FM and Yorkshire Coast Radio are fine but reception of the national FM stations like BBC Radios 1, 2, 3 and 4 plus Classic FM coming from the Holme Moss transmitter on top of the Pennines is often a bit ‘iffy’.

I hope that this is of help to your readers.

J Peter Wilson

Broadcasting Regulation Consultant - Heart of the Nation Broadcasting Team