Sweet success for Beckie

20th November 2014'The Promenades Shopping Centre, Bridlington.
20th November 2014'The Promenades Shopping Centre, Bridlington.

A young entrepreneur is reaping the rewards of owning her own business after seeing significant levels of success in her store’s first year.

The former York University student decided to set up the store after working in a traditional sweet shop while she was studying for her Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology.

Beckie, who runs the store with her mother, is now looking forward to 2015 after a successful first year.

She said: “I always fancied running my own business, so when a smaller unit became available in The Promenades, it was an opportunity I could not miss.

“I thought I would enjoy running my own sweet shop, which is why I decided to do it, and it has been really popular with tourists and schoolchildren.

“It has hit the kind of levels I was expecting - there have been many challenges, but it has been an invaluable experience and I’m delighted with the results.”

Beckie sells more than 250 varieties of sweets in her store, including some Victorian sweets that have proved popular with older people.

She has also stocked gluten and lactose-free advent calendars over the festive period to appeal to a wider range of customers.

Beckie said: “Since we opened this year, we have seen a lot of people ask for a lot of different sweets – some of which are not even produced anymore.

“I have always listened to customer demand and tried to ensure I have as many varieties of sweets as possible to appeal to a range of customers.

“I’m looking forward to 2015 as more and more people continue to come to the store, especially in the summer.”

Maria Kamper, The Promenades Shopping Centre Manager, said: “Beckie May’s Traditional Sweets is fantastic as it adds to the experience when people visit Bridlington.

“Her passion and enthusiasm for her sweet shop is inspirational to any business owner and the shop has been a brilliant addition to the shopping centre.

“Footfall has grown by 15.8% this year in The Promenades Shopping Centre and it is down to the vast amount of choice we have, which is something Beckie’s store adds to.”