Suspended prison sentence for takeaway assault

Jasper Markham.
Jasper Markham.
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A VIOLENT Bridlington teenager who is training to become a public servant assaulted a man when he was drunk and sold cannabis to fuel a £200-a-week habit.

Jasper Markham, 18, punched Jonathan Edmond outside the Bridlington Charcoal Grill takeaway when a group followed him outside.

The men objected to Markham telling men in the queue: “You are too old for her! Your bird should be with me!”

Markham, a BTEC public service student at East Riding College, admitted a charge of causing grievous bodily harm after he caught Mr Edmond with a windmill punch.

Mr Edmond slumped to the ground semi-conscious with a cut to the head and a fractured ankle.

Mr Edmond, a trawler skipper, lost £5,000 in earnings after being forced to take four months off work to recover from his injuries and his boat and crew were unable to go out to sea.

Markham, of Queensgate, also admitted supplying cannabis on January 11 after he was caught in a police raid of his mother’s home.

A small amount of cannabis was recovered from his mother’s bedroom, but his phone text messages revealed Markham was regularly dealing an eighth of an ounce of cannabis. He accepted he was buying in large quantities and selling it on.

Markham appeared for sentence at Hull Crown Court on Friday November 30.

The court was told he had two previous convictions for causing actual bodily harm and one for burglary.

His defence barrister Patricia Doherty admitted Markham’s comments in the takeaway were offensive and unwelcome.

She said he was in drink and annoyed he had not been allowed into a club to celebrate his pal’s 18th birthday.

She said he was doing well on his public service course which he started in September and was playing rugby for the college team.

She added: “The root problem is alcohol.” She admitted he was frank enough to admit he still had a cannabis habit after the judge enquired if he had learnt anything from his offending.

Sentencing, Recorder Julian Smith said he had considered jailing him: “I take the view that you have a significant problem with drink.

“That in combination with your anger management problems makes you potentially dangerous when you are out on the street intoxicated.

“You made grotesque offensive remarks to women in front of their husbands. That there was anger, by your account, was inevitable.”

He said he did not accept that Mr Edmond struck a blow and it was a serious offence for which he could have been jailed for a year.

“People are entitled to an evening out with friends with respect being accorded to them. You failed miserably to all that.”

He said despite all that there was hope he could turn his life around with his college course.

He gave Markham a 10-month suspended prison sentence and four-month curfew from 8pm to 7am.