Surprise wedding couple celebrate anniversary

Chris and Lynn Biggin.
Chris and Lynn Biggin.

A BRIDLINGTON couple who were married in a surprise ceremony are celebrating their 25th anniversary.

Chris Biggin got the surprise of his life when he turned up at Bridlington Register Office on Saturday January 30, 1988 in a limousine expecting to be a groomsman for a friend’s wedding.

But when he arrived he found that his then girlfriend Lynn Millington, had cooked up an elaborate plan to get him to the altar and he was in fact to be the groom.

Lynn was waiting with her wedding dress and a bouquet of flowers while inside the office there were page boys, bridesmaids and the happy couple’s families.

The year 1988 was a leap year - a time when traditionally women can ask their other halves for their hand in marriage.

But Lynn’s plans were almost scuppered when the limousine Chris was due to travel in broke down the day before the wedding. But the damage was not too bad and was as good as new in time for the big day.

And at the time the registrar explained that it was possible for one party to set up a wedding, because only one signature was needed on the licence, provided the pair came from the same area.

The couple’s surprise wedding made the headlines in the Free Press on February 4, 1988 and now 25 years on Chris has surprised Lynn with this article marking their anniversary.

Speaking to the Free Press back in February 1988 Chris, then 24, said of his new wife: “She’s great fun to be with and often does practical jokes, but I didn’t think she dare do anything like this.”

“When I got out of the car and realised what was happening at first I was shocked and started shaking. But we had talked of getting married for some time.”

And it would seem that the couple, who have three sons together - Thomas, Michael and Marc - are just as happy now as they were all those years ago.

Chris said: “We have had a great 25-year marriage, to say we ran our own business and have worked together must say something. We have brought up three sons and we are just as happy as when we first met.

“I think that the secret to a happy marriage is to have a laugh every day. I would just like to say to Lynn ‘I love you and here’s to the next 25 years’.”

The couple will fly to Barbados to celebrate their anniversary.