Supermarket hero ‘sprints’ to the rescue

Simon Skinner pictured with deputy store manager Ivan Smith. NBFP PA1517-9c
Simon Skinner pictured with deputy store manager Ivan Smith. NBFP PA1517-9c

A supermarket worker has been credited with saving a baby’s life when she “turned blue” after choking on a sweet.

New mum Jasmine Clarkson, 20, of Nelson Street was shopping at Morrisons with her 10-month-old daughter Ruby, before she handed her a gummy sweet.

10-month-old Ruby

10-month-old Ruby

“My mother-in-law and I then turned around and saw Ruby was turning blue.

“She couldn’t breath, so she picked her up and started patting her on the back, but she was still blue.”

A member of staff who was operating the tills then sounded the alarm for a shop worker who was first aid trained to attend immediately during the ordeal on Saturday.

Simon Skinner who works in the over fresh department, jumped to action after the urgent call for medical assistance was broadcast

“I had been in the store for about 20 minutes when the call went out so I sprinted down to the wrong end of the check-outs.

“By the time I got to where I was needed two other first aiders were already there. I put my arms out to the woman and she passed the baby over.

“She was turning more blue so I started patting her on the back ever harder and then the sweet finally came out.”

Distraught mum Jasmine said seeing her baby choke was “just awful”.

“The whole experience felt like it lasted forever,” she added, “but it was probably only around five minutes.

“I just feel really lucky.”

Deputy store manager Ivan Smith added that first-aid training a vital skill for people to be aware of.

“I think he’s done a great job and it’s really a testament to the training staff receive.”