Students given food for thought at showground

More than 1,500 children from 35 schools across East Yorkshire and Hull will find out where food comes from at a special event this Wednesday (23 May).

Monday, 21st May 2018, 10:10 am
The Rix Pavilion at Driffield Showground.
The Rix Pavilion at Driffield Showground.

The third one-day Food and Farming Education Day at The Driffield Showground is being organised by The Driffield Agricultural Society and will show 9 to 11 year olds the connection between the farmer and supermarket shelves.

About 70 farmers, growers and food producers will be staging exhibits which will give the children a real insight into the origins of the food they eat and see on the supermarket shelves and learn how much of it can be produced on farms in East Yorkshire.

All activities will be led by the farmers and growers with children encouraged to get involved in interactive displays, watch large farm machinery actually working and participate in hands on activities.

The children will be able to milk a cow and turn cream into butter, learn how important bees are to food production and watch a sheep being shorn.

In the main ring they will be able to see modern farm machinery actually working from combine harvesters to pea viners and potato harvesters.

Children will be able to talk with farmers about their pigs, chickens and sheep and find out the jobs a vet has to do on the farm.

They will learn about the different types of grain grown on the farm and see how the miller changes the wheat into flour and then to bread.

They will learn how carrots get to the supermarket shelf and how peas get from the field to the bags in the freezer.

Gill Butler, education chairman at Driffield Agricultural Society, said: “So often we hear that children don’t understand where food comes from. The Education Day is about showing our children the link between the farmer and the food they eat.”