'Stop senseless bird shootings'

A number of kittiwakes and other protected seabirds have been shot in recent weeks
A number of kittiwakes and other protected seabirds have been shot in recent weeks

Police need to step up their game in hunting down an unknown shooter who has killed more than 20 seabirds in  recent weeks.

That’s according to resident Steven Ault, who was horrified by the cowardly killings of dozens of protected kittiwakes and herring gulls.

Steven, who rescues injured birds around Bridlington, said every nesting bird at a vacant property on Bridge Street has been shot in the last two to three weeks.

“Three kittiwakes are dead on their nests and at least two more have fallen. The chicks have starved as a result. I tried to save one but it was too young. There is a dead kittiwake over the road on a roof too,” Steven said.

“The woman at a nearby fishmongers has picked up six dead herring gulls from near her property and I have collected three, one has since died of internal blood loss. She has also had all the nesting herring gulls shot dead on her property, and at nearby buildings.”

The wildlife-lover said he knows the birds were shot because he found wounds that were consistent with those from air rifle pellets.

Birds were also shot at other areas near the harbour, and Steven said police need to do more to track down the culprit.

He added: “An individual with access to a property on Bridge Street has decided to eliminate as many nesting birds as possible, having complete disregard for the law and the wishes of others.

“It’s a particularly cruel and controlling act.”

A spokesman for Humberside Police added: “Police were called on Friday 17 June reporting incidents of birds being shot at on the Langdale Wharf in Bridlington.

“The local policing team have been made aware and have conducted enquiries. Anyone with information about those responsible are encouraged to call 101 quoting log 347.”