Stones off, pounds on

Rose & Crown Flamborough'Land Lord Gerry Ellis doing Spon Diet'PA1104-12b
Rose & Crown Flamborough'Land Lord Gerry Ellis doing Spon Diet'PA1104-12b

THE weight may be going down, but the money he will make losing it is definitely going up.

Flamborough pub landlord Gerry Ellis, 51, vowed to lose at least five of his 21 stone seven pound frame by Christmas to raise money for Flamborough Pre School.

His self-imposed challenge follows his first ever Boxing Day Dip for the school last December when he raised £750.

Since announcing his sponsored slim at the end of January Gerry is convinced by the time of his regular fortnightly weight-in today he will have lost two stones.

Sponsorship is currently running at £250 a stone thanks to his regulars and many supporters so if he hits his five stone target the school should get at least £1,250.

He admits it has been a bit of a struggle but is determined to carry on slimming.

“I have cut out fatty foods, walk more, don’t have 1am snacks when I have finished work in the pub and have cut down on drinking lager, that’s difficult,” said Gerry of The Rose and Crown in High Street.

He wants to lose weight before he takes part in Flamborough Pre School’s next Boxing Day Dip.

However, meeting the deadline is already paying personal dividends.

The 6ft 5in tall landlord’s former 44in waist is definitely going down.

“My trousers are really baggy now and I have had to move my belt buckle up another notch. My wife has got me two new pairs of jeans which are the next size down and have a 42in waist and I used to have some trouble with my knees but that seems to be improving,” said Gerry.

Many of his supporters are regulars at the Rose and Crown which he runs with his wife Janice.

“Every time I say I have lost a bit more weight they say “that’s another fiver you have cost me”. Then they start trying to get me to eat more,” he said.

Lets hope for their sake if he carries on the same between now and Christmas and he loses even more than five stone, they are not crying into their beer.

If anyone else wants to sponsor him to raise funds for Flamborough Pre-School, a registered charity, they can pick up a sponsor form from the Rose and Crown or give him a call on 850455.