Stole from Tesco

THE brother of house fire victim Samantha Hudson landed himself in court after stealing a DVD player and a packet of razors from Tesco.

Bridlington Magistrates’ Court heard last week that 29-year-old Mark Hudson of Park Avenue stole the items, which had a total value of £83.57, from the town’s Tesco store on February 2.

Prosecuting, Heather Levitt described the theft as a ‘straight-forward matter’ saying that Hudson had tried to hide the goods under his jacket before walking out of the shop.

Speaking in Hudson’s defence, Patricia Walker said that he was dealing with difficult personal circumstances and had co-operated fully with the police by making a guilty plea at the earliest opportunity.

She added that he had not been before the courts since 2005 and had been off methadone - a replacement drug for heroin - for the last 31 days.

He had stolen the items to repay an £80 debt.

Mrs Walker said: “He was under quite a lot of duress and stress at that time in his personal circumstances and he has not had an awful lot of support from the family.

“His sister has been in hospital with brain damage. He lost nephews and a niece in that fire.

“He felt that he couldn’t go to the family for help.”

Addressing Hudson, presiding magistrate Martin Dodgson said: “It is commendable that you have been out of trouble for a period of five years and it is regrettable that you have found yourself in a set of circumstances that you needed cash and went out and got it like that.”

He ordered Hudson to pay £85 in court costs and imposed a 12-month conditional discharge for the theft.