Speed traps

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WATCH your speed, because police will be watching you.

Humberside police have just launched their month-long summer speed enforcement campaign. It means throughout August officers with speed detection devices will be at sites known for speeding and accidents in Bridlington and elsewhere.

Police say those stopped for speeding “will be dealt with in the most appropriate manner” and the option of attending a speed awareness course is offered to the majority who join around 2,000 motorists every month in Humberside making that choice as an alternative to prosecution.

Cutting casualties and collisions is at the heart of the campaign.

Figures show excessive or inappropriate speed is one of the main causes of many fatal and serious road accidents, with 70% of drivers exceeding speed limits during every day journeys.

Chief Inspector Darren Downs from Humberside Police Operations Branch, said: “The majority of motorists who are caught exceeding the speed limit do not do so intentionally. They become distracted and are often unaware of the speed they are travelling at. The issue is about reminding drivers to re-focus their concentration and that is what we aim to do through this campaign and ultimately reduce collisions and casualties on our roads.”