Speed plea to save birds

Burton Agnes Pond where ducks are being killed by traffic
Burton Agnes Pond where ducks are being killed by traffic

More still needs to be done to protect wildlife at a village pond where the number of water foul has been decimated in recent weeks.

That’s according to concerned nature lover, Yvonne Tagg, who says 11 birds have been run-over in just two weeks at Burton Agnes Pond, near Bridlington.

Yvonne, 61, of Nafferton, said she and her friend have gone to feed the animals - some of which she claims were abandoned by farmers - almost every day for years.

“We have seen wagons run over ducks because they are going too fast,” said Yvonne.

“A builder on a roof came down and said he couldn’t believe four ducks had been run over.

“He just went straight over them and didn’t even try to stop.

“He found them on the other side of the road, though. They must have gone right under the middle of the wagon.”

But other birds haven’t been so lucky, and Yvonne is demanding action be taken to stop motorists speeding around the bend, close to the pond.

“A speed bump was requested a couple of years ago.

“Everyone feeds the ducks there and there. One of these days a child is going to run out, in the road.”

It comes after Yvonne succeeded in convincing the Burton Agnes Estate to improve the pond, after national newspapers picked up on the story.

Campaigners claimed water levels had fallen at the pond, that the water had become stagnant and birds were wandering into the road in search of food.

A spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council said: “There are sufficient clear wildfowl warning signs in advance of the pond to help motorists, but these signs alone do not prevent collisions with animals, even at low speeds.”

The spokesman added: “Whilst the council recognises the concerns of local residents, the council is unable to recommend the A614 Main Street for traffic calming measures based on the current situation.”