Specs-tacular invention gives bird's-eye view

Can you close one eye while keeping the other open? It may sound simple but not everyone can do this '“ as a volunteer at RSPB Bempton Cliffs discovered.

Saturday, 15th September 2018, 3:52 pm
Five year old Erin wears the invention created by Ian Crossley.

Ian Crossley had been showing visitors the reserve’s seabirds at a viewpoint but he encountered a problem.

When he invited people to peer down a telescope he found they often claimed they couldn’t see anything so he put on his thinking cap to come up with a solution.

He did this with a little help from Specsavers. The Bridlington store donated a batch of discontinued spectacles so he could adapt them to solve the problem.

He removed one lens and painted the other with black nail varnish.

His invention has worked a treat – so much so that a lot more adults as well as children are giving them a go. Ian said: “By wearing the spectacles you don’t need to decide which eye to close or even close one at all.”