Spa branching out after making profit

Bridlington Spa NBFP PA1507-3c SPA
Bridlington Spa NBFP PA1507-3c SPA

The Bridlington Spa is celebrating after it was revealed it has achieved a profit for the first time.

When general manager Andrew Aldis took the reins at the Spa, it was making a loss of more than £400,000 but now a tidy profit is enabling the venue to be a little more adventurous with their events.

Fables & Fairy Tales which is being showcased at Bridlington Spa until September

Fables & Fairy Tales which is being showcased at Bridlington Spa until September

The venue on South Marine Drive has gone from offering just 100 events a year to nearly 300, a process which has seen The Spa become one of the most decorated places to visit on the East Coast.

Andrew said: “We must be one of the only regional venues to be making a profit.

“We are now offering more events at The Spa than ever.

“To be showcasing 300 events is very manic but extremely rewarding.

“This means we can now afford to try something new to make us stand out.”

The Spa has launchedits 2015 Repertory Season with a new lead production called Fables & Fairy Tales, a show that takes the audience to both dark and comedic worlds in musical theatre style.

From Pinocchio telling fibs to Strictly Cinderella, from the three pigs as maids to the new tale of the Giant Lobster of 

Andrew said: “To have a near full auditorium for the launch of the Fables & Fairy Tales was marvellous. The audience were so impressed by the appearance of the set.”

The show was created by The Spa which gives it an extra dimension to the previous productions to have come to the venue.

Andrew said: “Fables & Fairy Tales is ours.

“It is Spa funded so we wrote the script, hired the cast and had a hands on approach which we have really enjoyed. I travelled to London to audition 30 people, which started off at 1,000 applicants, for the cast roles.

“The show is a West End quality show at reasonable prices. Adults cost £16.50 with children just £3.50 and that represents unbelievable value for the whole family.”

Following the production of A Bridlington Fairy Tale, The Spa plans to send the video to Bridlington schools for them to reproduce it. The Spa are also sharing their productions with other venues in the East Riding with Sewerby Hall and Gardens and Burton Constable Hall.

Fables & Fairy Tales will be showed at The Spa until 3 September.