Snap up photo bag starring cheeky gull

Hannah Coleman has produced bags in a range of colours
Hannah Coleman has produced bags in a range of colours

Love them or hate them, seagulls are one of the images you associate with a trip to Bridlington.

And one photographer who was in the right place at the right time is hoping her business will take flight thanks to a snap of one of the birds enjoying a snack on the harbour.

Grimsby-based Hannah Coleman is selling a new range of products featuring a picture of a Bridlington seagull eating a chip

Hannah said: “Back in 2010, I took an iconic picture of a Bridlington seagull.

“I was taking photos in the harbour of this cheeky gull on my iPhone 3. By pure luck I got a fantastic image of him just about to eat a chip.

“The picture was featured on the BBC’s The One Show, in the Daily Express and went viral on the internet.

“Originally I trained as a photographer but haven’t done much in years. It’s only over last few years my interest in photography has been ignited purely by this Bridlington seagull eating a chip.

“I get asked constantly would I sell my pictures to make cards, postcards etc so this year I have made a new collection of products that I think would fit in very well with Bridlington.

“I’ve turned the famous seagull eating a chip into a beach tote bag they are available in six colours and I have made limited edition postcards and greeting cards.”

Hannah is selling the bags through her Facebook page fotototosbyhannah and they are priced £20.

“Ideally, I could do with a local Bridlington stockist selling the famous iconic picture,” she added. “He would make a fabulous huge poster for Bridlington, I could even see him on a billboard or commercial poster for the town.”