Smoke alarm was a lifesaver

Bridlington Fire Station'Mark Walster pictured with the fire alarms they install'PA1121-7
Bridlington Fire Station'Mark Walster pictured with the fire alarms they install'PA1121-7

FIREFIGHTERS say the blaze was one of the worst of its kind and confirmed that without smoke alarms the family would almost certainly not have survived.

Four crew members from Bridlington’s Blue Watch needed breathing apparatus to tackle the outbreak.

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service Logo

Humberside Fire and Rescue Service Logo

Mark Walster, officer in charge of the incident said: “Extremely high temperatures from a well established fire produced large amounts of dense and toxic smoke.

“One of the alarms had melted but was still sounding.

“I am certain that had the smoke alarm not sounded the family would not be alive today.

“After 20 years as a fire officer I have never seen the density and quantity of smoke produced by this fire.”

The fire spread from the cupboard under the stair to an adjacent room, but another on the ground floor which had been protected by a closed door was relatively unaffected.

“Although the smoke alarm gave early warning, the importance of closing all internal doors is very clearly shown in the fire.

“Closing doors and having an escape plan are also important factors in surviving a fire should the worst happen.”

He said investigations showed it had started accidentally due to an electrical fault close to the consumer unit near to the main electrical intake.

“There was nothing more the family could have done. Because of the cause, this fire could have happened to anyone. The family are only alive today because Mr Hogg ensured they had working smoke alarms,” said Mr Walster, watch manager for Bridlington’s Blue Watch.

Anyone wanting help, advice or a free home fire safety check which, if required includes the fitting of free smoke alarms, usually one per floor, should call Bridlington Fire Station’s Community Safety Section on 607627.