Showing signs of recovery

Samantha Hudson
Samantha Hudson

HEARTACHE and grief are feelings that the Hudson family have become too familiar with over the last three months, but the future may look a little brighter.

Samantha Hudson, who has been in hospital since the house fire which killed her three children in November, continues to show sure signs of improvement and will be moved from Scarborough Hospital in the next couple of weeks.

She will be taken to a rehabilitation centre in Goole and her mother, Sharon, also revealed that Samantha has been out of her hospital bed and had smiled for the first time since the tragedy.

Sharon said: “I went up to see her and the doctor had her in a wheelchair and was about to take her round the ward.

“But when I arrived he told me I could do it, so I took her round the hospital and she seemed to really enjoy it.

“She was smiling, which felt a little better for us because normally she is crying.

“She did still get upset, but only once when we were leaving.

“I think the change of scenery had done her good,” added Sharon.

Samantha 27, has been at Scarborough Hospital since the fire in her Clarence Avenue home on November 11 which killed her three children, William, 9, AJ, 5 and Maddie, 3.

She was left fighting for her life after suffering the effects of toxic smoke inhalation and was induced into a coma at Scarborough Hospital for several weeks.

However, her recent improvements have left her family hopeful that she will continue to recover.

“She is becoming more responsive,” said Sharon.

“She seems to know who we are, and if the doctor asks her to do things, she knows what her is saying to her.

“I feel like we are getting her back a little.”

Samantha is still unable to talk and the family have not broached the subject of the fire and the fact that it claimed the lives of her three children.

“We are still a long way off being able to tell her what happened,” said Sharon.

“We will cross that bridge when we come to it.”

Samantha is expected to be moved into the rehabilitation centre in a fortnight or so where she will continue to work on improving her physical and mental health.

In the meantime, the Free Press Clarence Avenue fund remains open.

The family are meeting with a stonemason this week and are discussing their requirements for a single large headstone to be placed at the grave shared by William, AJ and Maddie at Bridlington Cemetery.

Money from the Free Press fund, to which dozens of Bridlington residents have contributed to, will go towards covering the costs of the headstone.

Anybody who still wants to donate to the Fund can do so at the Yorkshire Bank branch on Queen Street by quoting the Free Press Clarence Avenue Fund.