Shopkeepers say no more supermarkets

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Independent shopkeepers in Bridlington have expressed their concerns about a potential two new supermarkets in the town.

Following the news of a potential second Aldi store on St. John’s Street last month, Lidl have released their plans for the Hilderthorpe Coach Car Park.

Now independent shopkeepers are voicing their disapproval of another supermarket in Bridlington with a Morrisons, Tesco, Aldi and a Co-op already in operation, which could lead to more closures in local shops around town.

Owner of Garden of Eden Fruiterers, Stanley Hewitt, said: “No independent shopkeeper has a right to stay open when competition is healthy.

“The supermarkets have devastated many a small town and city. Many councils are realising this and I hope our planners can continue to support the small shops in our town.”

Lidl are having a public consultation today (5 February) to discuss with residents their rejected application to the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Shopkeepers maintain that Bridlington cannot sustain another supermarket claiming jobs will not be created when counteracted to the jobs lost by those working in local shops.

Mr Hewitt said: “Many more shops will close locally leading to more unemployment in Bridlington.

“We are pleased that the council have not been bulldozed into releasing the car park to Lidl. Not everyone wants to see a town full of supermarkets.

“We are sure the council planners will make these decisions based on what is best for Bridlington and not what is best for the supermarket chains.”

Market traders will also be affected by an increase in supermarkets with a potential risk of jobs and stalls at King Street Market in Bridlington town centre.

Chairman of the King Street market, Trevor Thompson, said: “Any supermarket that is built in Bridlington is dragging people out of the markets.

“Residents now have to decide whether to use the local shops and markets or lose them to the supermarkets.

“In my opinion, Bridlington has enough supermarkets already. Any market stall holders will be against any further supermarkets due to the increase in competition, especially in the wintery months when trade is slower already.

“The further supermarkets could be the final nail in the coffin.”

Lidl property director, Graham Burr, said: “Lidl have been seeking a store in Bridlington since 2000.

“We are an end occupier who will deliver a significant capital receipt to the council, develop a long time vacant site, create jobs, refocus retail in the town centre and represent a vote winner for councillors. We want to build and will deliver regeneration.”